Ivy Pentecostal Church

AOG Church - Reaching Up & Reaching Out...

About Us
We are a group of ordinary people who share a common passion. We have found that the message of the Bible about Jesus Christ brings a sense of meaning and purpose to life. 

We are a mixture of all ages, backgrounds and cultures who have found that the gospel enables us to fulfil our God-given destiny, in this life and in the next. Our aim is to live not only for our own benefit, but for the good of others and for the glory of God. So...

  • We meet together to encourage one another
  • We pray with, and for each other and for others
  • We try to learn from the bible, from our life-experiences and from God, the Holy Spirit
  • We worship God enthusiastically
  • We serve God and our neighbours (near and far)

The building we meet in dates back to 1791 and has seen many changes. It served as an orphanage chapel until it was bought by the Salvation Army and then by a group of Pentecostal Christians. The facilities have been added to and enable us to hold a variety of activities for young and old, including "Tots 'n carers" children's clubs, music workshops, lunch clubs and prayer meetings.

Our Sunday Services are open to all.  We meet with God, and prepare ourselves for the week.

LiFE-groups meet regularly in homes, for fellowship, prayer, worship, Bible study and pastoral care.

Ivy Pentecostal Church is an Assemblies of God Church, and a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

Upcoming Events

Please check the calendar for upcoming events!

*Ivy Church Vision*

Reaching Up
Passionate about Jesus Christ
and making Him known

Reaching Out

Serving our neighbours both
near and far